About Us


 Our church is a fellowship of both local and International believers, reaching out to a lost and hurting world through the love of Christ at work in us.

  Since we came into the area, we have tried to help those in need. It is our prayer that all people would live wonderful and blessed lives in Christ Jesus. Our ministry team is praying and helping others along the way through the road they have travelled themselves, glory be to our God.

We are delighted to have people from many nations in our fellowship and we can also say it is wonderful to see the diversity yet unity, in a multicultural gathering of peoples with the same spirit of God, working mightily in them.

  We are currently looking to spread the Lords grace through an outreach program in Africa, in an orphanage home and school project, of which there are nearly 220 children, who need our constant support, help and care, please pray the Lord would meet this need and use us more each year to bless these dear children.

  We would welcome the opportunity to have fellowship with you, therefore we invite you to come along to our services where you will get a warm and friendly welcome, from people of all ages and different races, all are equal in Christ and the Church, of which He alone is the head.


Pastor Sam Barr.


Ministry of Grace Christian Fellowship

Richview Regeneration Centre

1st floor

339-341 Domegall Road





Sunday :12.00 to 1.30